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Starting Photoshop Tutorials

Starting Photoshop Tutorials
Graphic Science Learning Starting Photoshop Tutorials is a series of steps for beginners who want to learn to start from scratch provides a basic guide to using graphic design software photoshop. As with other software, to create a new document is to use the command File> New or Ctrl + N. We need to manually set the parameters of the document to fit the needs.

This setting is important because it will affect the whole process natinya to be run on photoshop, what is photoshop usability settings?

Adjust the size of the print paper, so that when the process is in accordance with the size of the print.
Many people think that the picture is small (length and width) will be the same result if enlarged (transformation / stretching) when printed. And worse is this going unnoticed. Even the big picture to be minimized (transformation / stretching / image size / canvas size) have often become a blur, losing the original quality and transformation errors so flat.
I say blur is actually very rare, but it's the real thing. As at the time of the edit pattern / background image with a size of 500 in change to 99%, for example. This happens because there are color dots / pixels are lost and finally there is the process of equalizing averaging less good.
Relating to the quality (resolution) image
Resolution here means the number of dots of color in a particular unit. The more dots of color the better sharpness of images. This resolution was because of photoshop work on the bitmap / spot color. Read article bitmap and vector differences for further understanding.
Back on topic start learning photoshop, photoshop opened by double clicking on the desktop icon photoshop or click Start> All Programs> Adobe Photoshop (versions) to be sure you know. Now we've gotta be on display beginning photoshop. There are many versions of photoshop but all similar in initial appearance, so you should not hesitate to click File> New or the shortcut CTRL + N. Then came the New Document dialog box.

An explanation of each section

Name: The name of the file that we will create
Preset: The size of an existing document in Photoshop, like a template. You can also save presets that you have set in such a way as your own template by clicking the save button preset.
Width and heigth: The length and width of the document with the unit pixels, inches, cm, mm, points or picas
Resolution: The number of dots of color / pixel in a single unit of measure, commonly known as image resolution.
Color modes: color mode type, we can choose are: bitmap, grayscale, RGB color, CMYK color or color lab. In general, commonly used RGB.
Background contents: Background document. We can choose white, colored or transparent.
Device central (to fame in photoshop CS3 version) is used to access the drawing to the size of mobile phones and other digital devices.
Delete is used to delete the preset presets that you have created.
For advanced options do not need to be changed if you are a beginner.
For images you want printed should use a resolution of 150 px / cm upwards, studios used to use 300 px / cm. If for digital images, for example, to use the wallpaper size 150 px / cm, commonly used is 72 px / cm. If all the settings are considered OK button. You will get a new worksheet according to what you want.

Well, the above tutorial is to create a new document. So how to take pictures from explorer into photoshop worksheet ...? I click File menu> Open. Find where you put the image, select it and click OK. Or go into explorer, find where you put the image file, click and drag to navigate to the taskbar photoshop photoshop spreadsheets open, remove (drop) the image was able to be edited.

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